Danish regulator says most problem players placed first best aged under 25

Danish regulator says most problem players placed first best aged under 25

Spillemyndigheden has released data from its StopSpillet helpline.

Denmark.- The Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has released new data on problem gambling gleaned through its national helpline, StopSpillet. It says that data shows the majority of people (88 per cent) experiencing problem gambling placed bets for the first time aged under 25.

Spillemyndigheden said StopSpillet had taken almost 2,500 calls since its launch in 2019. Callers are routinely asked when they first placed a bet.

Some 50 per cent of players calling said they had placed their first bet before the age of 17 despite the legal age for gambling being 18. Meanwhile, the average period of time spent gambling before players called the helpline was two years and seven months.

Concerned relatives accounted for 39 per cent of calls to StopSpillet, half of these coming from parents of players, 17 per cent from partners and 17 per cent from siblings.

Success of StopSpillet

Last year, Spillemyndigheden reported the results of a study into Denmark’s gambling helpline. It said the results showed that the helpline was reaching its targets and meeting requirements. The study showed that 87 per cent of callers are men, and 35 per cent men between the ages of 18 and 25.

It said: “The study shows that gambling problems are generally increasing, both among adults and young people. The figures in the survey indicate that more people could benefit from knowing about and using StopSpillet.”

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