Cruzeiro president supports sports betting in Brazil

Some 450 Brazilian bookmakers generate more than US$2bn a year.
Some 450 Brazilian bookmakers generate more than US$2bn a year.

Sérgio Santos Rodrigues, head of Cruzeiro football club, said that sports betting generates employment, income and taxes.

Brazil.- Sérgio Santos Rodrigues, president of the Cruzeiro football club, has spoken in favour of the regulation of sports betting and gambling in the country. Cruzeiro, which currently participates in Brazil’s second division is sponsored by the bookmaker “”, whose advertising is found on the back of the club’s jersey.

He said: “Personally I am in favour. I think it is a global trend. I don’t see why to go against it. I even see projects in Brazil not only for bookmakers but for the legalization of gambling. 

“I was always in favour. It generates employment, income and taxes, and I am in favour of everything that allows this to be done ”

Currently, there are 450 bookmakers in Brazil, moving US$ 2.1bn a year. According to specialists, it is essential to accelerate the entire regulation process of the sport.

Brazil: working group for the regulatory framework listens to specialists

The Working Group formed in Brazil to analyse the new Gambling Regulatory Framework is working on the final report that it must present this month.

The team coordinated by the president of the Tourism Commission, Joao Bacelar (Podemos-BA) has received the psychiatrist and specialist in gambling disorders, Hermano Tavares. He is the founder of the Outpatient Programme for Pathological Gambling and the Integrated Outpatient Program for Impulse Disorders (PRO-AMITI) of the University of São Paulo.

At the technical meeting held at the end of October, the specialist said it was important to discuss the legalisation of gaming and the creation of a regulatory framework in Brazil. He said prohibition increased illegality.

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