Cotai casinos score higher than Peninsula in Macau

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A study revealed that Cotai casinos score higher in service than Peninsula gaming venues in the GSI index.

Macau.- A study on Macau casinos has put the quality of service of Cotai venues above Peninsula ones. The report, conducted by the Macau Gaming Research Association a nd SGS Hong Kong, qualified casinos according to the Gaming Service Index (GSI), a rating method that assesses service quality, smiling, tolerance and proactivity in gaming venues.

Macau had scored an overall 139 points during the second quarter but saw its rating drop to130 basis points in the fourth quarter. Cotai casinos alone reached 140 points and outperformed their Peninsula counterparts, which scored only 120 points.

MGRA committee member Dr Hanna Koo explained the report put a special focus on the general outlook and that was the reason of the drop. She assessed the overall upward trend observed over the recent years was more important to annalyse and look at.

The study was conducted on 16 casinos from all six gaming operators to assess their GSI performance, including eight frontline departments.

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