Costa Rica approves lottery subsidy

Costa Rican authorities have approved a Lottery subsidy.
Costa Rican authorities have approved a Lottery subsidy.

Government steps in to assist lottery vendors amid the on-going Coronavirus crisis.

Costa Rica.- Authorities in Costa Rica have suspended all lottery activity in the country and approved a subsidy to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

With the country under strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the disease, the new subsidy is being provided to help protect jobs in the lottery sector.

The temporary subsidy of $342,000 per month will begin in April, announced by the Board of Directors of the Social Protection Board (JPS).

Over 1,900 vendors will be able to receive the financial aid, with the only condition needed to meet requirements is that the lottery sellers must be active in the system.

The subsidy will be funded with resources from the JPS, while the board also established that vendors will receive money until June if necessary. Plans beyond this timeframe have not been announced.

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