CoinDirect launches its decentralised blockchain network

Developer Nico Ami Lee anounced CoinDirect as a way for players to send bitcoins and other cryptoassets directly to other players.

Hong Kong.- Nico Ami Lee, a Hong Kong blockchain developer, has launched CoinDirect, a cryptocurrency network that will allow online gamblers to send cryptoassets directly to one another. The open source platform aims to decentralise the gambling experience and drive casinos away from major blockchain networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“With such application platform customers can conveniently develop, run, and manage blockchain layer applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing or launching an app”, Nico Ami Lee explained. He also added that “the code execution platform enables developers to build and deploy a decentralized, automatic management of funds into almost any casino application without incurring any start-up costs”. This allows transparency -according to CoinDirect co-founder- and “a decenstralised solution to heavily regulated and relatively conservative market.”

Cryptocurrency has been turned to by many online businesses but it hasn’t solved the casino transparency issue and their high fees. CoinDirect is set to end the uneffective application of the Fairness Check, the current method of information that still hides crucial data from players. Said lack of transparency forces casinos to undergo audits which increase costs of operation. However, CoinDirect may be the solution for casino networks to save millions and draw new players with less effort and costs.

The open source platform provides complete transparency, therefore no need of additional auditing, very low gambling fees, full control of funds, instant transactions, direct money transfers from player to player & much more.

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