CNMI signs casino bill into law

The bill that has taken effect in the Mariana Islands aims to protect casino from financial law.

Northern Mariana Islands.- A bill that was presented to protect the casino industry from financial fraud or misuse of financial instruments was signed into law in the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) earlier this month.

The bill was signed on January 7 by former Governor Victor Hocog, but introduced by former Senate President Arnold Palacios, who is now the lieutenant governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, details Marianas Variety.

The measure was created in order to help the casino industry, as – due to the nature of it – casinos can be exposed to a number of fraudulent crimes, such as fake credit cards, money laundering and stolen identification.

The governor said that the possibility of financial fraud in the CNMI is higher now as all senatorial districts have legalised casino gaming. The bill signed into law discourages fraudulent activities at casinos, especially on Saipan.

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