CMF 2016 shares further information

The Casino Marketing Forum 2016 promises to inspire and equip casino marketers and leaders with new ideas and new approaches to their marketing challenges.

South Africa.- The much anticipated three day Casino Marketing Forum 2016 (CMF) is specifically designed for the casino professional, focused on improving marketing strategies and optimising reach in land based casinos. The three day Forum, taking place 23-25 August at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, will provide participants with in-depth discussion and knowledge into the marketing and digital innovations around casino marketing in order to stay ahead of the curve, and to remain competitive.

Guest speakers that will be providing insight and information are industry professionals such as, Madelein-Joy Özok, Group General Manager at Sun International; Arjan Korstjens, Lecturer from Totally Gaming Academy; Gary Jackson, Founder and CEO of LOL Entertainment Group Hong Kong, and many more.

At the CMF, they will discuss aspects of gaming promotions, marketing initiatives and the latest digital innovations and advances that support different casino marketing goals, including: the latest marketing and digital trends and innovations in casino marketing; bridging the gap between traditional and digitally driven marketing approaches: mobile, video, content, programmatic; ensuring online and offline media is aligned to the brand and strategy; the impact of FICA and POPI on casino marketing.

With this well designed forum, the collective knowledge of the audience will be unlocked through Speaker sessions, Ice breakers, Panel discussion, World Café, the Challenge your Peers session, as well as full day workshops – all focused on generating innovative marketing ideas and allowing the audience to join in on the conversation, to discuss and share their own challenges. Separately bookable workshops will ensure that the audience leave with in-depth knowledge on the topics of their choosing including: Fast Track to Digital Marketing and Creating Big Data Consumers in Gaming Masterclass.

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