China is not releasing the Crown Resort staff yet


17 members of Crown Resort staff were arrested in China last October.

Chinese Justice announced that the legal battle could last at least one more year.

China.- The Crown Resort arrested staff case in China would be carried out at least for one more year. Last October, 18 employees of the casino resort were arrested under allegedly “gambling-related crimes,” the Justice system has only approved the release of one of the members of the staff since then.

However, 17 workers, including leader of Crown’s international VIP program team Jason O’Connor, are still detained at the Shanghai Detention Centre. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, “the Chinese investigation is ongoing and could continue for over a year.”

Crown company’s expectation was to set the trial by mid-2017, when the arrested employees would know the charges they are facing. The latest news did not reveal whether the three Australian staff members would be kept in the Chinese jail or would continue the sentence back in their country.

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