Chile to publish new articles ahead of regulated online gambling launch

Chile intends to launch a regulated online gambling market by the end of the year.
Chile intends to launch a regulated online gambling market by the end of the year.

The new articles set out the legal context for the prosecution of criminal activity.

Chile.- The Economic Committee at Chile’s Chamber of Deputies has announced that they will publish 15 new articles as part of the legislative framework for Bill 035/2022. The bill is intended to legalise online gambling and sports betting, with an expected implementation by the end of the year.

Since the bill was authorised in March, government departments have been working on policy provisions. Undersecretary Heidi Berner says the new articles from the Economic Committee set out the context for the prosecution of criminal activity connected to online gambling, introducing criminal penalties for the violation of online gambling regulations.

Article 40 will allow authorities to prosecute unlicensed gambling, while Article 15 imposes penalties of minor imprisonment and a fine of 15 to 20 monthly tax units for the alteration of a betting event to affect a market outcome. Other articles deal with penalties for corruption, cybercrime and fraud related to online gambling. Berner said the articles would “safeguard transparency and safety in virtual betting activities”.

Earlier this month, the National Congress announced the creation of a commission to review Chile’s rules on sports betting advertising. The commission, led by sports minister Jaime Pizarro, will review the relationships between football clubs and both international and domestic gambling companies. It will also probe a disagreement between the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) and the Ministry of Justice about betting sponsorship.

The ministry has ordered the ANFP to enforce rules introduced in Chile’s new Sports Integrity Bill, which bans the marketing of illegal activities. However, the ANFP argues that sports betting is legal and that it expects the government to introduce a legal framework.

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