Casino vessel located close to Goa bird sanctuary has to be shifted

State Forest Minister Rajendra Arlekar said that the casino vessel anchored next to Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary in Goa has to be relocated.

India.- According to state Forest Minister Rajendra Arlekar, the Deltin Caravela, a casino vessel anchored near to Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary in Goa ought to be shifted. “The department officials have conducted an inspection of the vessel five times till date. Every time we have found that the vessel is between 200-220 metres away from the sanctuary,” said Arlekar.

Offshore casino vessel Deltin Caravela had triggered lots of protests and now the state forest department has formally requested Captain of Ports to ask the casino owners to move the vessel away. However, Captain of Ports, however had refused to move the vessel, claiming that it is 400 metres away from the sanctuary.

Arlekar dismissed the Captain of Ports claim, stating that if it was anchored 400 metres it would have touched the other side of the bank as entire basin in that area is around 500 metres. “The vessel will have an adverse impact on the avian life in the sanctuary. That is why we want to shift the vessel. As the Forest Minister, it is my responsibility to protect the wildlife. I have nothing against casinos,” he said. Arkesar will be holding a meeting with senior forest department officials to discuss the issue after the stand taken by Captain of Ports.