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Casino size proposed in Japan

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Japan casino regulations could be ready by next year. (Créditos: republica.com)

A government panel has suggested casinos should be no bigger than 3% of the total floor space of each integrated resort.

Japan.- Casino regulations in Japan are still under discussion, which is why a government panel has suggested that the maximum space for casinos should be set at a 3% of the total space of each integrated resort. The Japanese authorities are closing in on the final regulations for the segment and expect to open the first venues by the 2025 World Expo, to be held in Osaka.

During a Tuesday meeting, the government compiled proposals of an expert panel on integrated resorts which included the cap for casino space and a requirement for high rollers to show their ID. The authorities are set to assess the suggestions and issue a decree to set the standards based on the Act on Promotion of Development of Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Area.

The proposed regulation would require gamblers who buy chips worth €2.3k or more to present their ID in order to prevent money laundering. Furthermore, when customers intend to exchange over €7.8k or more in chips, a report should be issued to a casino management commission that will be established.

It is expected that the government will ready a decree by late April next year after finalising the specific figures for each standard.

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