Casino company could name another NFL stadium

Gila River Gaming Enterprises will meet with the Arizona Cardinals in order to bargain for the naming rights of the NFL team’s stadium.

US.- After the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas was confirmed, the gaming industry’s expectations about the NFL changing its opinion about gambling. Now, another team could get linked to this market as casino company Gila River Gaming Enterprises is set to meet with the Arizona Cardinals to discuss the possibility of buying its stadium naming rights.

The NFL has a strict policy against its teams, players and everything around being tied to casinos or even events organised by them. However, after 31 out of 32 owners voted for the Raiders relocation to Sin City and it seems that the move has softened the league.

Even if Gila River doesn’t get the deal, in other time the NFL would’ve probably rejected this deal instantly, but it hasn’t so far. This might prove it’s turning to have a new, different look on casino and gambling industry, even if Commissioner Roger Gooddel still thinks the same way. His opinion might be against it, but it may suddenly change in the future, just as the league change its own about Las Vegas.

This possible deal has raised speculation on future partnerships for the new Raiders stadium as well. There has been concerns about possible sponsors for the team’s future home, as Las Vegas major businesses are tied to gambling and, therefore, wouldn’t be able to make a deal with the team. However, the NFL not rejecting Gila River’s intentions immediatly, says a lot about what may happen in the future.

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