Canberra Casino gets approval by the ACT government

Now, the gambling venue will extend its semi-automated table games in will feature multi-terminal games, so gamblers can play baccarat and roulette on individual screens.

Australia.- The ACT government has extended semi-automated table games in Canberra Casino and allowed multi-terminal games. Previously, the casino was limited to rapid roulette as a semi-automated game, with the rest played only as traditional table games.

Now, the number of terminals has been increased, from 22 for rapid roulette, to 50 for the multi-terminal games and gamblers will be able to play baccarat and roulette on individual screens.

The decision comes after the government confirmed a reduction in staff in the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, down 28 percent on this time last year. Although the decision to allow multi-terminal games and expand semi-automated games was not announced, it was confirmed by notifiable instrument on the government’s legislation register.