Canada is set to enhance its gaming industry

In October maximum gaming corporations are showing the results to improve the local market.

Canada.- With the Canadian Gaming Summit around the corner, the Canadian Gaming Association –CGA– and the Sault Ste. Marie Education Partners –SSMEP– are working on a needed assessment of the regional gaming industry in order to release a national approach to a gaming-centric educational programme.

Both entities are creating a Canadian gaming curriculum based on existing material provided by the industry leaders and global education partners. Next June’s event will also provide updates of progress and findings to date, as well as the testimony of regional representatives. “The SSMEP partners are excited to take part in this important national study that will help position Sault Ste. Marie as a national leader in lottery and gaming education and training. Together, CGA and SSMEP will develop a progressive model for acquiring, creating and disseminating educational content across the country, and the partners will be instrumental in producing ground-breaking insight into the specialised training needs of this important industry,” expressed Tom Vair, executive director of Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.

Canadian gaming industry is generating total revenues of over CAD$16 billion –US$12,39 billion–. The growth of the local market has noted a significant progress during the last 20 years; more than 128,000 citizens work directly in the sector. Based on its experience and the modern technology, the Canadian industry is analysing its situation to provide professionals with greater educational and training opportunities.