Brazilian Senator pushes again for the legalisation of gambling

Angelo Coronel continues to champion the legalisation of gambling.
Angelo Coronel continues to champion the legalisation of gambling.

Senator Angelo Coronel has once again emphasised the need to legalise the gaming industry in South America’s largest country.

Brazil.- The senator Angelo Coronel has become the leading champion for the push to legalise gambling in Brazil. Once again he has insisted on the need for regulation, emphasising on social media how the industry could create jobs and support tourism and regional development.

He posted a comment on social media saying: “At this time of crisis caused by the pandemic, legalising gambling with adequate supervision could contribute to the creation of jobs and boost tourism and regional development.

“There are more than 13 million unemployed, and Brazil cannot manage without this important source of employment and resources. It could help social programmes such as basic income for the population and increase investments in health and education. Join us in this fight!”

The senator has already pointed out that “it’s a mistake to turn a blind eye and not recognise that bingo halls and even the ‘jogo do bicho’ (an illegal gambling game in Brazil) are part of everyday life for Brazilians.

“Timidity, fear or, I dare to say, the false morality that rejects the legalisation of games, causes the country to lose a considerable amount of taxes per year that could be used for the benefit of Brazilian citizens.”

According to Coronel, illegal gambling continues to proliferate due to “legislative blindness”, and its revenues “are generally used to finance organised crime”.

He argues that if gambling was legalised, the funds could be used to support the state and to finance programmes of social assistance and other public initiatives.