“Brazil will be one of the top 3 or 4 markets in the world”

“Brazil will be one of the top 3 or 4 markets in the world”

(Exclusive interview).- Focus Gaming News spoke with BtoBet’s Executive Chairman, Alessandro Fried.

Focus Gaming News spoke to Executive Chairman Alessandro Fried for its YouTube channel to discuss what has been a successful year for BtoBet, with expansion in Europe and North America as well as continued development in emerging markets.

The gaming technology provider BtoBet is known for its expertise in emerging markets, particularly in Africa where it has gained a strong foothold with tailored standalone iGaming and sportsbook platforms and services.

Now it also has Europe and North America in its sights, while it continues to focus on emerging markets.

“BtoBet had a very good year in terms of expansion”

Alessandro Fried, Executive Chairman at BtoBet.

“The more regulated a market, the more competition,” Fried commented.

“That’s where we want to be present, to support operators that have vision and look forward and need this level of partnership.”

BtoBet continues to see huge opportunity in emerging markets. Fried notes the potential in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, which he predicts will be one of the top three or four markets internationally, but acknowledged that there are challenges.

He said the extension of mobile use means Latin America “is a region that is theoretically very well-prepared for sportsbook and gaming,” but that payment remains the greatest challenge.

“Brazil will be one of the top 3 or 4 markets in the world.”

Alessandro Fried, Executive Chairman at BtoBet.

“Latam is still dominated by retailers in a situation where everybody is moving to digitalisation,” Fried said, but noted that the Covid-19 pandemic and successful regulation in Colombia had sped up a change of mindset among Latam operators.

“I see the intention of local operators to look at a different approach and Covid-19 has pushed them,” he said. “

Before people were waiting, or not in a rush, but now it’s a challenge that’s difficult to avoid. On the other side, regulation in Colombia attracted more and more tier one and two European operators to the continent.

“They’re looking forward to regulation in Brazil and Peru. Latam in general is prepared to move to a new approach.”

“Omnichannel and player-centricity is very important for Latam”

Alessandro Fried, Executive Chairman at BtoBet.

He noted that a flexible omnichannel, player-centric model was essential for success in the Latam market.

Fried said: “Shifting to this model is more obvious for some operators and less for others, but all this passes through technology. There’s no way that someone can build a business approach of this type without being supported with the tools they need to operate with.”

“In Latam the top challenge is payment.”

Alessandro Fried, Executive Chairman at BtoBet.

Such a model can allow operators the creativity needed to solve the payment issues Latam presents, Fried says. 

As an example, he mentions BtoBet’s soon-to-launch collaboration with delivery services provider Rappi to offer gaming content through its app, which will give multiple operators access to the integration as regulated gaming continues to expand successfully in Colombia.

Fried said: “You solve the problem of the payment and solve the problem to access a large user base. The same thing can happen in other industries.”

He added: “Each country has opportunities and needs the flexibility of operators to take advantage.”

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