Brazil remains divided over legalisation of gambling

The legalisation of gambling is dividing even those who support it.
The legalisation of gambling is dividing even those who support it.

As the country debates whether or not to legalise gambling, those in favour are divided between casinos or integrated resorts.

Brazil.- All eyes remain on Brazil as one of the most attractive potential markets for gaming although for now gambling remains prohibited. But with legalisation now on the government’s agenda, a division is already emerging over what form a gaming market should have.

The minister of tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antonio, is in favour of integrated resorts. He says the country should not open bingo and slot halls but instead large tourist projects which include casinos.

That’s creating some internal debate among those who are pro-legalisation. Senator Angelo Coronel says the industry would create 700,000 direct jobs, 600,000 indirect roles and boost state coffers. But Coronel proposes including bingo games, slots and other games of chance because he believes that legalising casinos alone “would generate revenue within four or five years, while Brazil needs them immediately.”

Antonio told newspaper Gazeta do Povo: “The issue is being discussed within the Brazilian Parliament and with the society. It is a discussion that involves other government agencies so that we make the best model for Brazil together.”

Meanwhile, in the anti-gambling camp, the minister for women, family and human rights, Damares Alves, still considers legalising gaming to be “a deal with the devil”.