Booming Games: “Ronaldinho’s legendary status aligns perfectly with our goals”

Booming Games: “Ronaldinho’s legendary status aligns perfectly with our goals”

The developer tells us how the new title Ronaldinho Spins marks the start of an exciting franchise that will appeal to sports fans.

Exclusive interview.- Booming Games has a sure-fire hit on its hands with the launch of Ronaldinho Spins, a new online casino game with a strong football theme. Sports themes are notoriously difficult to get right in online slots, but Booming Games’ head of games Nemanja Živić and director of product Moritz Blume took time out to tell us why they think their approach is a winner.

Booming Games is committed to developing a diverse portfolio of games with different themes, so a standout football offering made good sense. And the new title is quite an offering, carrying the name of none other than Brazilian legend Ronaldinho. Blume and Živić tell me they were determined to do justice to the partnership offering “top-notch entertainment that appeals to both sports fans and players”.

“We wanted to get the player fully immersed in the game”

In our exclusive interview, the pair outlined Booming Games’ objectives for the new slot. They wanted the player to be entertained, and they wanted a mechanic that’s easy to understand, but they also wanted it to feel like a sports game. Talking me through the design and mechanics of the game, Živić said “We wanted a slot that still plays as a slot so the player can focus on the features and understand the features easily but also add this premium sheen to have the player immersed in a football game”. That includes localised voiceovers alongside animations of Ronaldinho, including his iconic goal celebration.

Blume notes that football is a huge part of culture in South America and says Ronaldinho’s legendary status aligns perfectly with the goal for the game. “Ronaldinho creates this sweet spot not only because of his incredible talent but also because of his life story,” he says. “He was, and still is, an idol for millions of people in South America and around the world. His personal journey from a simple background to become a global star really connects with fans and people in general. This makes the game a great way to reach players in the region by combining the love for football with the thrill of online casino.”

And there’s more to come. Živić and Blume confirm that there will be a second Ronaldinho game this year and more after that. Blume also reveals that the company is talking to other well-known personalities to expand its partnership with celebrities. 

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