“BMM brings tailored cyber security solutions”

“BMM brings tailored cyber security solutions”

Exclusive interview.- Focus Gaming News speaks to Alexandru Petrescu, SVP at BMM BIG Cyber.

With the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating digital transformation and heralding the advent of mass remote working across organisations of all sizes, cybersecurity is in the limelight like never before. 

Now BMM testlabs, known for its testing and certification for the gaming industry, has launched a dedicated cybersecurity division catering specifically to the needs of the gaming industry.

Heading it up is SVP Alexandru Petrescu, a former banker with experience in the public and private sector.

He was three times Minister of Economy in Romania, Minister for Telecommunications and Digital Society and has also served as President of the European Council on Digital Agenda.

In an interview with the Focus Gaming News YouTube channel, he spoke about the importance of cybersecurity in the gaming industry and how BMM BIG Cyber is tailoring solutions for gaming operators.

“The more digital we go, the more cybersecurity becomes an issue.”

Alexandru Petrescu, SVP at BMM BIG Cyber.

Petrescu notes that the pandemic has seen an increase of up to 300 per cent in the number of cybersecurity attacks, adding that “almost no SME was ready with ultra secure connectivity for remote working.”

While financial services companies and governments are often believed to be the main targets, Petrescu says gaming companies are hugely attractive for both independent financially motivated hackers or state actors looking to create havoc.

“Sometimes banks are safer to guard.”

Alexandru Petrescu, SVP at BMM BIG Cyber.

“The gambling sector is equally attacked as financial services,” Petrescu says. “They’re seen as a depository of valuable data, starting with credit cards and personal information, so they will always be high on the targets.”

“We as a group are as vulnerable as the weakest link.”

Alexandru Petrescu, SVP at BMM BIG Cyber.

He says awareness of the importance of cybersecurity in the gaming industry is on the up, but that it’s still something that some operators put off.

Petrescu also emphasises that it’s not a case of something only larger operators need be concerned about, but something the industry as a whole needs to tackle, stressing that just one operator being exposed could jeopardise security for others and the reputation of the industry as a whole.

He says: “The industry as a whole needs a level of regulatory framework to ensure even the smallest operator has a minimum level of cybersecurity.”

 “BMM brings tailored cyber security solutions.”

Alexandru Petrescu, SVP at BMM BIG Cyber.

BMM testlabs has been auditing and certifying gaming since 1981. Petrescu says its expansion into cybersecurity was a natural transition given BMM’s in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Its strong understanding of the profile of risks faced by the gambling business allows it to tailor specific solutions to match operators’ profiles after assessing their vulnerabilities.

Petrescu says: “Those that have an early understanding of how important it is to be cyber-safe are going to be the owners of steady, sustainable businesses without the risk of being hit out of nowhere by God knows what cybersecurity incident that could ruin their business and ruin the lives of their customers.”

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