Bitcoin Games offers 99 percent return rate has launched a new gambling platform called Bitcoin Games. which offers an unheard 99 percent return rate. launched Bitcoin Games, a new gambling platform, which offers seven games and an unheard 99 percent return rate. This means, the online casino gives almost all money received from wagers back to players in the form of payouts.

The platform presents seven proprietary games: video-poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice. Players can participate in these games in a “boutique-like” atmosphere, which gives this platform an edge over competitors.

Based on casino classics, the platform offers players a familiar feeling with a modern Bitcoin twist. “[Games] have unique features that have the Bitcoin Games’ seal of authenticity all over them,” said

All transactions on the platform happen on the blockchain, allowing for immediate deposits and withdrawals with no questions asked. “This withdrawal policy is the best kind of customer care that any casino can offer,” added the company, “which is why Bitcoin Games will surely gain its praise among players all around.” Keeping true to its Bitcoin and blockchain theme, the casino offers its users full anonymity, allowing anyone to play without giving up personal information. “No one will ask anyone who they are,” the casino said, “and everyone will be able to play knowing their identity is safe.”

Unlike other bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin Games does not offer bonuses to players, instead the online casino is working to draw players in with what they call “pure bitcoin gaming,” boasting “one of the lowest house edges in the industry.” The casino also highlights its rare 99 percent return rate, saying that it acts as an “equivalent to a bonus at any other casino.”

Due to regulation restrictions,’s new gaming service is available to US customers in a limited capacity. US players cannot use real money on the casino, but they can still play games with test credits.