Bitcoin creator comes forward

Bitcoin enters to the Irish gaming market.
Bitcoin enters to the Irish gaming market.

The identity of the virtual currency’s father had remained a mystery until Craig Steven Wright revealed he created Bitcoin.

Australia.- Craig Steven Wright, an Australian entrepreneur has come forward claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin. Wright announced he is Satoshi Nakamoto and he affirms to have the proof to back up his claims.

Since 2009, the creator of bitcoin, the tax-free virtual currency, had remained a mystery. Bitcoin became a popular form of virtual currency, being used for online gambling and other financial purposes. Wright approached several outlets, including the BBC, G2 and the Economist and declared that he is the creator of bitcoin, with proof that he can tie himself to Nakamoto. It has transpired that Wright had the cryptographic key associated with the first transaction of bitcoin as proof.

Wright told BBC that some people believe that he is Nakamoto whilst others do not and he just doesn’t really care. He decided to reveal his identity to stop people from bothering him and the people he cares about.If Wright is indeed the creator of Bitcoin, it would men he has about US$457 million to his name due to the success of the virtual currency.