Bill paves way for integrated resorts in Japan

A group of politicians unveiled a bill to legalise gambling in the Asian country.

Japan.- The bill calls for the ban on casinos in Japan to be lifted and seeks support from local authorities who want to develop integrated resorts. November’s MGS Summit will focus on the opportunities for the Japanese sector as it paves the way towards a new legislation.

A special panel exclusively dedicated to the subject will give Japan a real opportunity for close inspection of all options for legislative change. The government has stated multiple times that such resorts can boost the economy and provide more reasons for tourists to visit the country.

One of the reasons why Japan couldn’t change the legal situation until now is that there were concerns regarding a possible rise in habitual gambling and they feared that casinos would help create organised crime groups. The government has recently stated that they want to overcome these concerns and move forward.

Japan’s Deputy Chief cabinet secretary Koichi Haguida, said: “Integrated resorts are an extremely effective tool when soliciting private investment for constructing exhibition venues and other such facilities.” Haguida said that they’re hoping that the economic prospect of the project will help push the bill through.