Betway sets up shop in Ghana

Betway Group is the latest gambling company to land in the African country, with a new mobile/web based betting.

Ghana.- Betway Group has set up shop in Ghana, offering a new innovative mobile/web based betting. Lottery is very popular in Ghana. All around cities and towns lottery kiosks can be found and just a few decades ago weekly lottery results used to be shown on national television. Its popularity still holds in recent times, however, sports betting has taken over traditional lotteries.

Gross gambling revenues in Africa posted their largest annual increase over the past five years, with bingo gross gambling revenues rising by 86 percent, sports betting by 19.3 percent and casino gambling by 10.5 percent. In Ghana as many as 15 companies have invested to set up operations in the country. These operations are legal and regulated by the country’s Gaming Commission. They are so popular that, their branches outnumber telecommunications and banking industries branches.

Now Betway Group set up shop in Ghana. Its mobile/web based betting aims to simplify the experience of sports-betting fans who are looking to bet on football, both local and international. Through this new platform, punters will place bets on upcoming fixtures from their computers, tablets or even their mobile phones enable them to bet from anywhere, anytime and over any device. Betway is removing the need for betting fans to visit physical stores and bookmakers to place their bets by making remote betting easy and simple to use.