Betinvest presents its ‘plug-and-play’ Sportsbook iFrame to the industry

The provider has developed a new sportsbook solution.
The provider has developed a new sportsbook solution.

The sports betting provider has developed a new sportsbook solution.

UK.- Sports betting provider Betinvest has developed its new iFrame sportsbook solution, which has a variety of unique features that will be introduced to the industry.

According to Betinvest’s VP of Business Development, Valentyn Kyrylenko, this solution is “the fastest way to launch new products from scratch, or to expand an existing business by incorporating Betinvest data, for example. This is the brilliance of ‘plug-and-play.”

The only thing needed to integrate Betinvest Sportsbook via iFrame API is an operator’s own platform and the motivation and concentration on their business.

“The operator doesn’t have to go through the tortuous of software development and testing stages, because Betinvest has already done it and came up with the iFrame sportsbook solution. Betinvest operators are able to invest time in players. As for the players, they won’t have to spend time looking for the alternative sportsbook provider. They will enjoy the service the way they are used to but with the extra options they never had,” Valentyn Kyrylenko said.

The iFrame sportsbook solution by Betinvest has two levels of back office. One is for the provider – to manage and support its clients. The second one is for operators, so that they can manage their own businesses. Furthermore, if an operator works as B2B provider, it also receives a super-agent admin system.

By using this new Betinvest’s solution, operators get a lot of management tools. They will be able to change the content; pause or cancel events; manage their high-risk and VIP customers; group customers; conduct marketing; create and award bonuses; alter the advertising settings; create reports and income charts; and favourite certain sports. This removes the need to call provider and ask to do things for them and what’s more, operators can also change the frontend design. 

“We give our clients control. No one else in the industry does this,” Valentyn Kyrylenko added. “This is not just an ordinary sportsbook iframe technology, as it goes beyond any sportsbook iframe solution that an operator typically finds on the market. It is a fully fledged sportsbook service at your fingertips. We think that Sportsbook iFrame solution has the potential to be one of the most profitable products in gaming.”

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