Betinvest to explore new markets

betinvest explore markets
The company is attending BgC in the hope that it sheds light on the new Brazilian regulations.

Betinvest continues its expansion into new markets and attends events to shed light on new regulations.

UK.- The UK-registered sports betting solutions provider Betinvest is exploring new markets. This year the focus is the LATAM, Asian and African markets. Having followed the legalisation progress in the LATAM region, the company is attending BgC in the hope that it sheds light on the new regulations being adopted by the Brazilian government.

Brazil is undoubtedly a huge market which will present myriad new opportunities for the industry as these new laws are implemented, and it’ll be interesting to see what Betinvest comes up with for the region.

“Long term, we plan to open our office in Brazil, the biggest South American country, and to provide our products and solutions to all the local operators. Short term, we’re looking for new partners and interesting projects, researching the market and setting up all the business processes,” said Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development at Betinvest. 

The company has already attended numerous industry events this year and has many more in the diary. Betinvest understands the importance of research and has taken the smart move of meeting potential clients face-to-face to discuss their needs in person. This is enabling them to pinpoint each region’s unique requirements and adapt their products and solutions to meet them.  

Kyrylenko explained: “The events give us the chance to discover the needs of local operators in order to find out how to customise our products to suit them and how we can adapt our services for the region. In addition, they’re a great opportunity to meet new partners.”

Launched earlier this year, Betinvest’s Sportsbook iFrame can be easily adapted to suit any region in both the front and back ends. For example, for its Asian partners, a variety of odds formats are available, including Malay, Indonesian and Hong Kong. They, of course, offer Asian handicap betting and, though Europeans think “the more markets, the better”, they’re aware that the effect in Asia could be the opposite and have included the option to offer only selected markets. As well as improving existing products, Betinvest has developed a new hierarchical Agent Management System for Asia which gives bookmakers control and transparency. 

Betinvest is making its mark on the eSports industry and helping to drive it forward. The company has brought together a team of eSports enthusiasts who monitor the market 24/7 and have developed their Esports Data Feed. Esports are very popular in Asia, especially with younger people. The desire is certainly there, but the region lacks betting opportunities and Betinvest is stepping in to fill that void.

Taking into account that patchy mobile data and infrequent access to computers are problems often faced by players in Africa, Betinvest made its solutions for that market as light as possible. Among other things, it dramatically increased the loading speed of its mobile application, enabling partners to significantly boost their revenue.

Valentyn Kyrylenko said: “As a leading provider of sports betting solutions, we’re obliged to keep abreast of, and be active in, the places and markets where the industry needs to be driven.” As well as fulfilling this responsibility, Betinvest is continuing to prove that they care about its clients’ needs and is going the extra mile to make sure that everything has been thought of.

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