Betinvest and PandaScore team up to deliver cutting-edge eSports betting experience

PandaScore has acquired the rights to CyberLive! Arena eSports league
PandaScore has acquired the rights to CyberLive! Arena eSports league

Betinvest and PandaScore will provide exclusive esports events for sportsbook operators through a new partnership.

Press release.- Betinvest has partnered with PandaScore, a renowned eSports data provider. The collaboration aims to revolutionise the eSports betting experience by offering sportsbook operators exclusive access to high-quality eSports content.

As part of the partnership, PandaScore has acquired the rights to CyberLive! Arena eSports league’s content, featuring thrilling eFootball and eBasketball tournaments. Additionally, they have obtained eSport Pro Club content for eFootball and eBasketball competitions.

With an impressive monthly total of 13,340 eSports events, this comprehensive solution seamlessly blends into PandaScore’s offering for sports betting operators.

Daria Petrus, Business Development Team lead at Betinvest, said: “We are excited to partner with PandaScore. This collaboration enables us to expand the reach of our exclusive eSports solutions and provide sportsbook operators with an unparalleled selection of eSports events. By combining Betinvest’s expertise with PandaScore’s exceptional data capabilities, we are excited to deliver a cutting-edge eSports betting experience to operators and their customers worldwide.

“We distinguish ourselves through our extensive coverage of eSports events, with over 15,000 tournaments taking place each month. The CLA EuroCup stands out as a series of exceptional tournaments known for their unpredictable outcomes and high level of competitiveness. This unique competition format involves representatives from three divisions (Ukraine, Croatia, and Poland), thereby raising the international level of competition. We provide continuous trading support for all these events and remain committed to their ongoing development.

“Our partner leagues are trustworthy due to their transparency and openness. They publicly announce the locations of their competitions, share their selection processes, and conduct transparent participant testing when suspicions of fraud arise. Additionally, our partner leagues actively engage with local eSports federations and have plans to join international specialized organizations in the future, solidifying their dedication to the growth and development of the eSports community.”

PandaScore is renowned for its comprehensive and real-time eSports data, known for its accuracy and timeliness. The integration of Betinvest’s eSports solution represents a significant improvement in the quality of its offering. Notably, the CLA EuroCup, a series of international three-stage tournaments in eFootball and eBasketball hosted by CyberLive! Arena, serves as an exceptional showcase of its commitment to innovation and provides a definitive competitive advantage.

By incorporating Betinvest’s exclusive eSports solutions into its offering, PandaScore expands its portfolio of available eSports events, enriching its odds feed and other products. This partnership empowers sportsbook operators to access a diverse range of captivating eSports tournaments and matches, attracting and engaging eSports bettors.

Oliver Niner, head of Sales at PandaScore, said: “At PandaScore, we are focused on developing new and exciting products and features for our core eSports offering, including popular titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends, among others. 

“This has always been our primary focus, as it reflects our expertise and passion in the field. As we have grown and engaged more with our customers, we have recognized the value that e-battles can bring to our partnerships. We have also carefully listened to our customers and prospects, understanding their desire for us to distribute eSoccer and eBasketball as their preferred eSports provider.”

Niner continued: “Betinvest stands out as a clear market leader in offering e-battles, and we are thrilled to have partnered up with them. E-battles are already in production with several of our customers, resulting in high volume and favourable margins. We are excited about the future prospects of this product and the benefits it will bring to our customers through our partnership with Betinvest.”

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