BetConstruct harnesses Xsens motion capture tech for virtual sports

BetConstruct is using  Xsens' motion capture technology.
BetConstruct is using Xsens' motion capture technology.

BetConstruct has supported its software with motion capture technology delivered by Xsens to develop ultra-realistic virtual sports.

News from our partners.- With the major sports deferral during the pandemic, Virtual Sports was one of the several online verticals that became more popular. At that point delivering realistic scenery through virtual sports was a key winning formula for the success of the product. 

Working in that direction, BetConstruct backs its software with motion capture technology delivered by Xsens, an innovator in 3D motion tracking.

The company’s sophisticated software allows the capturing of every single move a human makes in order to create smooth and seamless character animation.

Some of the work Xsens has done can be seen in major Hollywood blockbusters. Inspired by such visuals, BetConstruct adopted the technology to develop ultra-realistic Virtual Sports.

“We all know that creating high quality virtual sports takes a lot of time and energy from any software vendor, as the development process is expensive and many times even complicated,” comments Armenuhi Khachatryan, product owner of Virtual Sports at BetConstruct.

He adds: “However, the end justifies the means and we want the players and operators both to have the best experience with the technology and enjoy realistic gameplay with the wide range of real betting markets, to create any type of Virtual Sports that will attract more and more players as fast as possible.”

Utilising Xsens MVN Animate Motion Capture System, a full-body motion capture system, not only can BetConstruct provide the highest level of realism in human activity in sport types, but also offer its operators a custom virtual sport development in the shortest period of time.