BetConstruct discusses payments in emerging markets at BoS Con ‘19

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Since last year’s exhibition, BetConstruct’s lineup of products and services has drastically matured.

BetConstruct will be part of Betting on Sports Conference, which takes place on September 17-20 in London.

US.- Sports Betting Community organises its annual BoS Conference and BetConstruct has already marked its calendar for September 17 – 20. This time the future will be in focus at Betting on Sports Conference and the vision for the upcoming decade.

Since last year’s exhibition, BetConstruct’s lineup of products and services has drastically matured. Our sports betting offering will be presented at the exhibition with its own CRM, AI-powered Risk Management and a beta version of online gaming assistant Hoory. The RNG & Live Casino catalogues are keeping up with Sportsbook’s scale delivering a wide range of games and frequent updates to maintain players engagement and increase operator profitability. 

Discussing the challenges of setting payment systems in the developing markets will be Paloma Gonzalez Mascaraque, BetConstruct’s Head of Payments. “In our experience, there are no unreachable markets in terms of payments but, the strength of your product will depend on your LPM offer. BetConstruct has a range of assets, tools and solutions which will power the financial side of your business, keep it safe and accessible,” comments Paloma Gonzalez.

BetConstruct is a global award-winning technology and services provider for online and land-based gaming industry. BetConstruct’s innovative and proven offerings include Online and Retails Sportsbook, Classic and Virtual Reality RNG & Live Casinos, Poker, Skill Games, Fantasy Sports, Social Gaming Platform, Sports Data Solutions and more – all ready to be launched and managed through SpringBME, its pioneering Business Management Environment.

Within Sports Data Solutions, the AI-powered scouting tool AJNA performs game flow recognition and provides statistics and extremely accurate technical data to create new unique markets to bet on.

All partners benefit from the BetConstruct Spring Platform with its powerful back-office tools and all-inclusive services. From stand-alone set up to turn-key and white label solutions, BetConstruct offers its partners unparalleled opportunity to succeed.

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