BetConstruct and Flutter Entertainment establish a new partnership

Players can find CreedRoomz and Pascal Gaming
Players can find CreedRoomz and Pascal Gaming

Flutter Entertainment has added BetConstruct’s gaming offerings on Betfair International.

Press release.- BetConstruct has a new, strategic collaboration with Flutter Entertainment, a global powerhouse in the igaming world.

Standing as the parent company with a vast portfolio of renowned brands, Flutter Entertainment has established a strong presence in over 20 regulated markets and a vast global customer base exceeding 18 million. The company has made its name by offering solutions and games that have gained global success while ensuring a secure and engaging environment for its clients.

As a result of shared ambitions for providing safer and more engaging products, Flutter Entertainment has added BetConstruct’s gaming offerings on Betfair International, a key platform within Flutter Entertainment’s portfolio. Now, players can find CreedRoomz and Pascal Gaming’s popular titles on the Betfair platform, with PopOK Gaming soon to be added.

Stefano Busè, commercial director gaming at Betfair International, said: “Partnering with BetConstruct marks an exciting milestone as we bring their engaging gaming lineup to Betfair International. This collaboration reflects our shared passion for revolutionising the iGaming world and offering top-notch experiences for players worldwide.

Mikayel Sarukhanyan, chief business officer at BetConstruct, added: “Integrating with a global leader like Flutter Entertainment presents a game-changing opportunity to expand our reach and leverage our combined expertise to redefine the iGaming landscape. It’s not just about offering players access to acclaimed titles; it’s about setting a new standard for excellence and player engagement.”

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The company stated: “This new addition promises players and partners to anticipate an improved and seamless gaming journey, demonstrating BetConstruct and Betfair International unwavering commitment to redefining industry standards and fostering unparalleled gaming experiences.”

According to the firm, “this fruitful collaboration shows a shared vision of pushing boundaries, persistent innovation, and setting new benchmarks for excellence in the ever-evolving world of igaming”.

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