Betby unveils the key to unlocking LatAm

Chris Nikolopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer at Betby.
Chris Nikolopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer at Betby.

Betby’s CCO, Chris Nikolopoulos, shares how leveraging local insights and global experience is crucial for tapping into the Latin American market.

Opinion.- Of one thing we are certain … local knowledge is crucial when it comes to Latin America. Chris Nikolopoulos, Betby’s chief commercial officer told Focus Gaming news that to truly tap into this region, the company leverages regional insights alongside its global experience to create ideal solutions for local operators.

“As our first step, we’ve been really focusing on strengthening our position in Brazil and understanding its critical role in the Latin American market. This we have done by partnering with some of the biggest players in the market, such as Cactus Gaming, Fun88, Blaze, and Pixbet.

“Looking forward, we’re keeping a close eye on Peru and Chile and will be ready to expand further as these markets evolve.

“This targeted and culturally-tuned approach is key to our growth and sustained impact in Latin America,” he stated.

Ensuring you have the right tools at your disposal

Betby’s success in LatAm hinges primarily on the adaptability of its sportsbook solution, Nikolopoulos said, as it “not only delivers stability but also excels in localisation, an essential feature in diverse markets like Latin America.”

“Moreover, thanks to our in-house trading and risk management teams, our sportsbook margin management capabilities are essential, enhancing profitability and enabling predictable results in long-term operations.

“Our sportsbook is designed to deeply resonate with the local culture, featuring a wide variety of sports, including many favourite local leagues, and offering an extensive selection of betting markets. This is even seen in the approach undertaken by our Betby Games esports feed, which nowadays allows bookmakers to provide football content based on the local leagues, such as the Brazilian Brasileiro league.

“At the same time, this localisation approach is further bolstered by our proprietary trading services, which allow for the easy inclusion of any local event,” he pointed out.

Going “beyond content,” localising Betby’s sportsbook is about “tailoring every aspect of the user experience,” Nikolopoulos said, including customising the platform’s look and feel to align with the habits, betting styles and personal preferences of local players.

“Advanced risk management tools from the back-end, meanwhile, adapt to local behaviours and “significantly enhance operators’ capability to manage risks.

“This comprehensive approach drives our platform’s profitability and ensures its long-term success with operators in the region.

“Furthermore our recently launched AI Labs enables the personalization of betting content by analyzing user behaviour and preferences, providing tailored recommendations and enhancing user engagement,” he stated.

A very competitive landscape

“The igaming sector in Latin America has been growing at an impressive pace in recent years,” said Nikolopoulos on a wider outlook.

“Even with varying stages of market maturity across countries, the industry has continued to expand and make its mark,” he then added.

While showcasing the sector’s “resilience,” the growth in markets such as Brazil has “also nudged local authorities to push forward with regulatory advancements, which is crucial for the market’s maturity,” he stated.

“”The igaming sector in Latin America has been growing at an impressive pace in recent years.”

Chris Nikolopoulos, chief commercial officer at Betby.

But as regulations move forward and markets proliferate, Nikolopoulos sees “the intense competition” as a challenge for LatAm’s igaming industry.

Bookmakers must not only attract players but also develop strategies to retain them, he says, something that in Brazil will become “increasingly important” amid the 200 million-plus population.

“At Betby we have invested significantly to aid our partners from this point of view. With AI Labs we are now empowering our partners with a range of tools which include Churn and LTV prediction, Bet Recommendation, Risk Management Automation, and a Betting Tip tool which provides players with detailed information and suggestions for betting markets in popular sports.”

“By providing tools that enhance player loyalty and satisfaction, we ensure that operators can achieve long-term success,” he stressed.

Expanding presence in LatAm

“Engaging effectively with operators and establishing strong partnerships is crucial for us,” Nikolopoulos explained, as he declared that expanding further across LatAm is “definitely on the agenda.”

“This allows us to not only enhance Betby’s footprint across the region but also to stay tuned to the market’s needs and dynamic changes, answering them quickly with our offerings.

“Our approach to delivering the most optimal product offerings throughout Brazil and the wider region is driven by delving deep into local operators’ aspirations and staying tuned to the market’s development dynamics,” he pointed out.

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