Bet365 lost its licence in Romania

The legal battle is expected to continue as the company appeals to the Bucharest Court.

Romania.- The Romanian National Office for Gambling (ONJN) succeeded at revoking Bet365’s local online gaming licence . Yesterday, the Court sentenced in favor of the national organization that has put the betting operator on the blacklist since October.

Bet365 demanded a temporary suspension of the ONJN’s decision, after paying around €30 millions (US$32.7 millions) in taxes to clean its legal status and meet the legal requirements for a new Romanian license. But the country denied this claim and made, not only the company but its customers too, to pay fines for keeping the site on.

The true reasons why the ONJN is doing this have yet not being thoroughly disclosed and there is a possibility the online operator leaves the country. Bet365 called the measures ‘legally unjustified’ and the company accused the organization of “discriminatory and corrupt practices” last December. They claimed that they had 50 percent of the local market by the time the legal battle began and now their customers are betting on Romanian websites.