Bermuda approved gaming legislation

Bermuda’s government has taken control over new regulations regarding the gaming industry.

Bermuda Islands.- The government of British territory located in the Caribbean region, Bermuda Islands, has approved a new legislation regulating the gaming industry. Under the new project passed by the Bermudan Parliament, the Casino Gaming Commission has become completely dependent of the national government’s institution. The decision was made after corruption allegations.

“The Casino Gaming Amendment 2017 I tabled brings Bermuda in alignment with other jurisdictions including Singapore regarding Casino Gaming Governance,” explained Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons after the debate to local press Bernews. “The Amendment will allow the Government to give policy direction to the Casino Gaming Commission and will allow the Minster to remove members of the commission who do not follow legal directions issued by the Government.”

The proposal also establishes the resignation of Alan Dunch, incumbent Chairman of the Bermudan Gaming Commission. Simmons had requested the resignation of Dunch on three separate occasions: on August 10, September 27 and October 20, 2017.

“In regards to the systematic media misinformation campaign that has brought negative attention to Bermuda and jeopardised our jurisdictional reputation, as I stated, the Government is not considering making cashless gaming on the island mandatory for casino operators,” added the Minister. “This Government is committed to having a clean, successful gaming industry that enhances our tourism product and creates new opportunities for Bermudians.”

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