Bermuda approved casino site legislation

Integrated resorts as well as existing tourist sites are allowed to apply to become a designated site for a casino

Bermuda.- The Casino Gaming (Designated Sites) Regulations 2015 section 4, that was presented by the Island’s Minister of Tourism, Shawn Crockwell, was approved by the House of Assembly and lays out the application process for property owners and developers interested in building a casino.

According to the approved text, the process of applying for a casino license includes a US$50,000 non-refundable fee. However, the fee does not guarantee a license will be issued to operate a casino. The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission, which was formed earlier this year, will hold a separate process to see through the license itself.

Crockwell explained that the legislation was changed through amendments that allow integrated resorts eligibility, as well as existing tourist sites that may want to expand into an eligible resort capable of applying to become a designated site for a casino. But the government plan remains to issue only three casino licenses. “Serious candidates are prepared to do what’s necessary and go through the process and pay the fee to get designated,” said Mr. Crockwell.

The official also expressed that Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission and the Bermuda College have already started working on issues related to a training period for employees, that could take place a year prior to the opening of the first casino.