Bellagio error sees Vegas’s biggest ever sportsbook loss

Players at Bellagio were able to bet on baseball games that already started.
Players at Bellagio were able to bet on baseball games that already started.

MGM’s casino is believed to have suffered Las Vegas’ biggest sportsbook loss in history after a timing error.

US.- MGM Resorts’ Bellagio casino in Las Vegas suffered what is believed to be the biggest sportbooks loss in history after a timing error allowed bets to be place on events that had already started.

The past-posting error occured on Sunday June 28 and resulted in $250,000 being paid out to winning wages that were bet on Chinese and Korean baseball games after the events began.

The games started between 1am and 2am local time, but an error in the manual entry of times at Bellagio led self-serve kiosks accepting bets on the games up until 3am.

Nearly 50 bets were made on the games between 1.30am and 3am local time, with the games already in progress. One player reportedly won $137,107.38 on a $250 10-leg parlay.

Las Vegas directos says they can’t recall a bigger sportsbook loss, but that everyone had suffered losses from past-posting errors.

Westgate sportsbook director John Murray said: “It’s happened to all of us. I think every sportsbook probably since the beginning of time has dealt with this at some point.

“We’ve had past-post situations where our employees put in the wrong time or put in the wrong number or they forgot to close something. It’s manual entry and humans are going to make mistakes.”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has said it will investigate the matter, as it does in any case involving a dispute of more than $500.

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