Belarus to discuss access to online casino database

The ministry wants access to online casino databases from gambling operators. Credits:

A ministry in Belarus is seeking access to the online casino database of gambling operators.

Belarus.- The website of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Belarus now features a draft decree “on providing remote access to virtual gaming establishments,” which was submitted for public discussion and published for comment.

The draft decree is seeking authorisation for the Tax Service to be able to have access to databases of online gambling operators, either with a public key certificate or with an encrypted password mechanism. The certificate was proposed in order to protect channels, compatible with information security tools established by the ministry.

The decree says that it is necessary to control the activities in the gambling business, check compliance with law when conducting the administrative procedures in appropriate cases and considering compliants, among other things.

Last year, it was reported that Belarus is set to open the licensing process for iGaming operators next April 1. The government expects few online casino companies to apply for licences as they “don’t see any preconditions” for a significant number to be interested in the country.

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