Bacta names John Bollom as president

Bacta has adopted a new streamlined structure.
Bacta has adopted a new streamlined structure.

Bollom succeeds Greg Wood after proposing the streamline the gaming hall trade body.

UK.- John Bollom has been elected to serve as the president of Bacta, the UK industry association for the gaming machine and amusement arcade industry body. The managing director of Mumbles Entertainment Pier in Swansea, Wales, will serve as president for two years. He was previously vice president.

Bollom was elected unanimously after the approval of his proposal to streamline Bacta at an EGM in May. He has held various positions in the body, including as a regional chairman, national president, treasurer and trustee.

He succeeds Greg Wood. Meanwhile, Joseph Cullis, the owner of the Scottish operator Windmill Leisure, will step into the vice president role for the next two years.

Bollom’s streamlined Bacta structure

As vice president, Bollom was given the task to recommend a new structure for Bacta in February last year. His proposals were approved in May after four previous recommendations were rejected.

Some 40 Bacta members have been elected by their peers onto newly configured councils: the Gaming Council (20 members) and Amusement Council (20 members). Meanwhile, Wood joins the two other former Bacta presidents, Nick Harding and James Miller, on a new 11-person Bacta National Council.

Bollom said: “I’m delighted to become the first National President of what is a new Bacta. This is a really important phase in the life of an organisation which has served the industry well and which turns 50 next year.

“The purpose of the reorganisation was to create a structure which is more aligned to the dynamic nature of the leisure entertainment business that we are all involved in as well as a structure which would appeal to a broader constituency of Bacta members.

“Ours is an industry packed with talent and energy and this structure enables Bacta to draw on those talents and attributes, remove the bureaucracy which slows the decision-making process down, and instead get on representing the business interests of our members with gusto, focus and creativity.

“We have been really pleased with the level of engagement evident in the volume of nominations received for the new positions and the numbers who have voted. Both the Amusement and the Gaming Council include members who have not previously had any official involvement in Bacta and I look forward to their insights and perspectives on the future of the business.”

Cullis said: “The arguments presented to members were based on thorough research, careful analysis, and experience coupled with a vision for the future. This isn’t a cosmetic exercise but a measured and strategic initiative which gives the industry the very best chance to succeed in what is a competitive and challenging environment.”

Meanwhile, Bacta has added its voice to calls for the government to ease requirements for foreign workers to help correct the shortage of workers at gaming venues. Bacta CEO John White has written to the government encouraging it to add jobs in the hospitality sector to the list of shortage occupations, a move that would make it easier for people from outside of the UK to apply for jobs.

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