Bacta launches census to create ‘fact file’ on UK gaming machines and arcades

Bacta will conduct a second survey later in the year.
Bacta will conduct a second survey later in the year.

The group representing gaming halls and amusement arcades says responses will influence its lobbying decisions.

UK.- The gaming machine and amusement arcade trade group Bacta has launched a census of its members. The survey aims to help it gain more weight in industry decision-making, with responses to inform its lobbying. Issues of particular interest include stake and prize limits, gaming duty and changes to machine numbers.

Bacta national president John Bollom said: “Bacta represents more than 450 member companies and the information that we receive from the census will enable us to present a detailed and authoritative picture of our sector and where it sits within the broader leisure and entertainment industry.

“Throughout the White Paper consultation process, Bacta has been recognised for presenting clear evidence-based arguments: we want to build on that by developing an even more detailed picture of the business which will assist in both promoting and protecting members interests.”

Bacta fact file

Bollom added: “The information we receive will help to produce the Bacta Fact File, a comprehensive data bank of industry information, which will be maintained and updated. Quite simply, the more information that we have about our members the more authoritative our voice which in turn will enhance the power and influence of our lobbying with the Government and the Gambling Commission.

“I would urge member organisations covering both amusements and gaming to prioritise and return completed surveys to Bacta by March 15. The Census is central to Bacta’s modernisation programme and could not be of more importance to Bacta members of all sizes.”

Bacta said it will carry out a second survey later in the year.

Bacta has welcomed the UK government Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s proposals for the gaming machine ratio at arcades and bingo halls. The government is undertaking a supplementary consultation on the ratio of Category B3 gaming machines to Category C and D machines. Category B3 machines have a maximum stake of £2, a maximum payout of £500, and a 2.5-second minimum game cycle. The government is proposing a 3:1 ratio.

Bacta said in its submission that the proposed maximum of up to three B3 machines for every one Cat C/D would deliver “the optimum mix of products in order for the industry to be competitive at the same time as retaining its low stake, low prize gambling entertainment credentials”.

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