Australians concerned over gambling

Australian authorities have raised concern over problem gambling  in the country.

Australia.- The Australia Institute report on gambling industry in the country has spread concern over authorities, as it positions the market as a “global anomaly” due to players consumption of poker machines. The report pays special attention on players’ gaming activities with slot machines installed at pubs and clubs.

“Australia has 0.3 percent of the world’s population but 6 percent of its conventional gaming machines and 18 percent of its poker machines,” explained the official paper published this week by the renowned institution. “In terms of machines per person, Australia is right up there with casino-states like Monaco, Macau and Caribbean island nations.” Certain regions of the country have already began crackdowns against the gaming modality. The latest attempt was set by Tasmania.

The Liberal government in Tassie is committed to reduce poker machines in the state by five percent whilst the Greens want them totally gone. The 2375 machines would be gone by 2023, with only 1200 remaining in Tasmania’s casinos.“Last financial year, Tasmanians lost US$110 million on poker machines in pubs and clubs” Labor’s leader, Rebecca White. “Economic modelling has shown that it could provide an additional 180 jobs in Tasmania if only half that money is spent in the community.”

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