Australia to introduce sports betting ads ban

The Australian government is set to introduce a proposal next Tuesday that would ban betting advertisement during games.

Australia.- Communications Minister Mitch Fifield will introduce a proposal to the cabinet on Tuesday that seeks the prohibition of sports betting advertisement during games. The ban wouldn’t allow operators to advertise from the beginning to the end of matches.

As initially reported by The Australian, both the NRL chief operating officer Nick Weeks and AFL official Gillon McLachlan held meetings with the Minister all through the week to see how an advertising ban would work and how it would affect them during live games. The deal could include the chance to lessen the licensing fees that operators from Australia are currently paying, even if nothing accurate has been reported by the officials yet.

Malcolm Speed, executive director of the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports, that represents the major sporting codes, is not in favor of the ban, and he said to The Australian that they ­operate in a highly-regulated system, where there are limits on placement of sports betting advertising. “The sports have co-operated with broadcasters and the government to ban live odds during matches. So, any restriction or prohibition will inevitably result in lowering investment in community and participation programs, and grassroots development.”

Local legislators have been discussing the new regulation since the beginning of the year, leading to public disagreement from TV broadcasters, gaming operators and sports companies. Last February Labor spokesperson for gambling Julie Collins and acting opposition Communications spokesman Mark Dreyfus introduced an amendment to prohibit gaming publicity during radio and TV sports broadcasting.

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