Donaco freezes legal battles in Asia

Donaco suspends legal action for two months in order sit around the negotiating table with Thai partners involved in dispute.

Cambodia.- The legal battle between Donaco and its former Thai partners involved in the Star Vegas casino in Cambodia looks to be nearing resolution with both parties suspending litigation in order to reach an agreement.

Donaco purchased the casino from the Thai group in 2015 to operate it for two years. The sale included a non-compete clause that Donaco claims was been breached.

Donaco wants to be paid $190 million in damages due to the violation of the non-compete agreement.

A Cambodian court has already determined that the Thai partners could not terminate the existing lease agreement with Donaco, but nothing came of the ruling.

“The suspension applies to the Singapore arbitration claim against the Thai vendor, the lease dispute in Cambodia, and all other litigation matters in Cambodia, Thailand and Australia,” Donaco explained.

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