ASF could start constructing on April 2018

The Chinese company is set to start the construction process next year.

Australia.- The construction of the proposed integrated resort could begin after the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games on April. ASF Consortium still needs the approval from the Queensland government before it can start building its facility.

A new report filed by MacroPlan Dimasi, a property market researcher, establishes that the proposed casino could generate approximately US$545 million annually once fully operational. Furthermore, the Gold Coast casino could attract an extra 2.1 million visitors every night, The project is set to offer more than 10.000 employment positions. The Southport Split integrated resort will be constructed on a 5 hectare waterfront that is located near the Gold Coast Fisherman’s Co-operative, and is expected that it will boost the economy when all the facilities are open to the public.

Earlier this month, the company announced that the State Government will begin a two month period in which the community will give its feedback on the proposed US$3 billion casino resort, which consists of two different programs, one with the company’s proposal and other on environmental and amenity improvements in protected land on the location. Two reports by the Government will be ready before the consultation period ends in mid-April, and the outcome of this process will determine the next steps of the project.