ASA targets cartoon usage

The ASA is investigating online betting promotion through cartoon characters that could attract children to gambling.

UK.- The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has confirmed it’s investigating online bookmakers using cartoon characters to promote their operations. As companies have been accused of targeting minors with that sort of advertising, the regulator has taken up on an inquiry to see whether they are or not.

The Gambling Commission voiced their concern on children being lured into gambling as cartoon characters may be appealing to them and some games can ba played for free without age verification. Others have stakes of up to £600 and raised distress towards the segment as the UKGC has found that 450k children are gambling in England and Wales every week.

Tom Watson, shadow culture secretary said that “this loophole is ruthlessly exploited by irresponsible bookies and it’s one that urgently needs closing,” and added: “The Gambling Commission should act now to extend the current ban on targeting games at children to online products.”

Lord Sugar also stepped in and said “this is absolutely wrong” as he called for regulators to “step in,” and added: “They have been too soft. We are creating a gambling culture, particularly among the young.”

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