Arthur Buyukyan: “Our main priority is to connect with potential partners from the iGaming world”

Arthur Buyukyan, Head of B2B & Partnerships at Trueplay.
Arthur Buyukyan, Head of B2B & Partnerships at Trueplay.

The head of B2B & Partnership at Trueplay talks with Focus Gaming News about the expectations for the company’s participation in SiGMA and the great opportunity to promote the brand.

Exclusive interview.- Ten days before the opening of a new edition of SiGMA Europe, which will take place in Malta between November 14th and 18th, Arthur Buyukyan, head of B2B & Associations at Trueplay, talks with Focus Gaming News about the expectations generated by this exhibition, the possibility of making new alliances and how new technologies could enter the iGaming sector.

Trueplay will attend SiGMA Europe. What expectations do you have for this event?

We are hoping for good networking. Our main priority right now is to connect with potential partners from the iGaming world. SIGMA gather hundreds of casino brands yearly, so this is the place to be for us.

What does it mean for the company to attend these types of events?

Firstly to show ourselves to the iGaming world, as our product is quite unique, we barely have any competitors. Being at this type of conference is a good chance for us to boost our brand awareness, as well as to network with partners and eventually start our cooperation.

Trueplay in partnership with SiGMA Awards will give away NFT badges. Could you please tell us what this novelty is all about?

NFTs are quite trendy at the moment and they are a good representation of the blockchain world. Because Trueplay is a marketing tool based on blockchain technology, that makes sense for us to create something in this direction, something that will attract attention, as well as give a unique reward to nominees. Each NFT will be listed on OpenSea, and it’s not just a badge itself but also a ticket to “NFT Gambling Dogs” – a closed community of like-minded people. Isn’t that what people are coming to SIGMA for?

This year, the event will have different conferences linked to blockchains and cryptocurrencies. What is your analysis of these new technologies and their application in the gaming industry?

Blockchain technology is a real revolution that deserves way more attention. It’s not just about crypto or NTFs. Blockchain is about transparency and trust first and foremost, and this feature can be used nearly everywhere – from medicine to airlines. Why not bring it to iGaming? And we are not talking about just allowing players to use crypto to deposit to their balance, no.

“Trueplay uses Blockchain in iGaming to bring more transparency and trust to the industry on the whole.”

Arthur Buyukyan, Head of B2B & Partnerships at Trueplay.

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And what is your product exactly? What does it have to do with blockchain?

We’ve got an iFrame widget that can be installed on any online casino within hours and start to engage players with blockchain-based loyalty programs. Brands that use Trueplay can have better relationships with their players, as well as attract and retain them more while boosting casinos’ KPIs. We can boast of the result of a 520 per cent retention growth, as well as a 146 per cent boost in Traffic ROI. These are amazing results that are possible to achieve for any brand that implements Trueplay technology.

The company has recently announced a partnership with Advabet. What does this new association represent for you? Do you have new agreements in mind for the rest of the year?

Yes, our recent partnership with Advabet is a great achievement and I’m sure that we will have a long and fruitful cooperation with them. I and my team are constantly working on other connections and agreements, including right now on SIGMA Malta.

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