Armenian Parliament member seeks bookmaking limitation

Armenian Vice Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan. Credits:

The Vice Speaker suggested limiting bookmaking activities in the country and introduced a bill.

Armenia.- Armenian Vice Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan has recently introduced a bill that would amend the law that regulates gambling in the territory. The Parliament member is seeking bookmaking limitation.

“These will limit the activities of bookmaking offices in the territory of Armenia, and gambling through the well-known devices at filling stations and different public locations will be banned,” said Simonyan on social media in regards to the slot-machine type bookmaking equipment that are mainly located at CNG stations across Armenia, Armenpress reported.

The Vice Speaker added that the initiative was introduced during the previous parliament, although it received a positive conclusion from the government and representatives stopped the chance of launching further debates on the issue.

The territory has walked around other gambling proposals, which include a total ban on sports betting. The Ministry of Finance also expressed the intention of changing how gambling operators are taxed in the country in order to get taxes directly from revenue.

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