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Armenia to further regulate casino ads

Armenia to further regulate casinos
Armenia casino advertising may be limited soon.

Lawmakers in Armenia are targeting casino regulation improvements as a bill to step up the oversight of the segment is under discussion.

Armenia.- Gaming regulations are continuously under review all around the globe and Armenia is up next. According to a member of the parliament, the country should step up with the oversight of casino activities.

A new bill aims to improve regulations in Armenia as the casino segment grows. Hrachya Hakobyan, member of the majority party in the National Assembly stated there’s a need to change regulations.

Armenia’s casino regulation changes mainly target advertising. According to Hakobyan, they need to amend the law on lotteries and casinos in the country. He stated gaming halls advertising should be restricted both timewise, as well as its content.

His key argument was that casinos shouldn’t be portrayed as a means of self-affirmation. He also stated that there should be a warning before the broadcast of Armenia’s casino ads.

Further restrictions

Earlier in June, the Parliament passed at first hearing a series of gambling regulations that restrict gambling to only four towns in the territory. If passed, the law could come into force in November 2020.

The legislative piece aims at limiting bookmaking activity to just four towns: Tsakhkadzor, Jermuk, Sevan and Meghri. The initiative came to light in order to minimise gambling addiction among the Armenian population.

The bill passed by the Armenian Parliament is co-authored by Vice Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan from the ruling My Step Alliance, along with MP Sipan Pashinyan and opposition Prosperous Armenia MP Naira Zohrabyan.

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