Aquis to invest US$ 235 in Canberra Casino’s rebuilding

Renovations will include two new hotels, renovated casino and entertainment resort, expanded convention centre and new food and beverage forecourt .

Australia.- Aquis Entertainment announced it will make a US$ 235 renovation on Canberra Casino. The Hong Kong-based operator estimates that the project would attract almost an extra 750,000 visitors to Canberra a year including high-end Chinese gamblers. The group also revealed the project could create up to 420 jobs in the casino and entertainment area and 200 jobs in construction, whilst generating more than US$43 million a year in taxes.

The projected renovations include two hotels: a six-star, 12-storey tower targeting high-rollers, luxury tourists and a five-star, 15 storeys, 100-suite hotel. It would also include new bars, cafes and restaurants and promenade-style shopping for luxury brands .

Aquis managing director, Justin Fung, expressed: “We’ve been very confident in the Canberra market for some time now. The reason we acquired Casino Canberra was because we saw the potential here for growth in domestic tourism and international tourism here, so this was really a natural next step for us.”