Alfastreet sees the gaming market ”waking up”

Alfastreet addresses the struggles of gaming industry's manufacturers.
Alfastreet addresses the struggles of gaming industry's manufacturers.

Alfastreet assesses the current state of the industry and forecasts what the future lies ahead for its manufacturing side.

Slovenia.- In the past months, Covid-19 forced a reconstruction of the whole gaming industry, but – according to Alfastreet – the branch that got hurt the most is the manufacturing side.

“As usually, manufacturers get stuck in between the operators and the parts suppliers, and we need to make sure both of the sides are taken care of and reliable”, the company says.

According to Alfastreet, the industry needs to make sure the supply chain is not broken, “while on the other side we have to accept the fact that the operators reduced their spending/paying abilities to the bare minimum.”

“For all those reasons we had to undergo a considerable reconfiguration of our processes, reduction of the manpower and overall adaptation to the new business environment,” they said. 

“The first few months under Covid-19 rules were tight and scary quiet, and we used those months to modify our company to be even more resilient and competitive under new ‘rules’. 

“Furthermore, we also used this time to really focus our efforts on our development projects, as we are aware that this will be the key to keeping our leading position as the manufacturer of the electronic table games. 

“After the initial ”shut down” period, suddenly the market started to pen up again for Alfastreet. Here’s where our impeccable customer service and truly the most competitive ETG product on the market, came to play. Even though the gaming market is still very much at standstill, at Alfastreet we suddenly started filling our order sheets with orders from the freshly reopened properties. Despite our rather pessimistic expectations, we are now faced with the problem of resizing one more time, only this time we need to upsize our production capacities to be able to accept any order and deliver in the reasonable amount of time. The key role in this awakening is placed on our European partners and customers, where we have been awarded multiple contracts in the past weeks, yet we are seeing that the other markets like Asia and US are already coming back to us as well. 

“All this reassures us, that we have been more than correct in investing in our products, our development and our work force over the past 25+ years and we are thankful and to all of the great people that have been supporting us all the way and helping us pass this major stress test. We are now ready to push further and to make sure that we remain at the safe distance from our competitors.”

“Gladly we would announce the next time we’ll be able to greet everyone at one of the major gaming shows, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that to happen. All we can say is that we 100% guarantee that Alfastreet will be there,” the company assured.

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