Alfastreet revealing ground breaking products at ICE 2016

The company will premiere several developments, such as the new spectacular versions of the Alfastreet slot machine and the Royal Derby.

Slovenia.- The leader of high profile multi-player electronic gaming instruments, Alfastreet, announced that it will take advantage of the upcoming edition of the London ICE show in February 2016 “to push the bar even higher than during a very successful 2015 campaign.”

As stated by the company, Alfastreet’s “products that made a big impression on all the exhibitions, and more important on the gaming floors all over the world, will get further evolutions and definitive versions. A logical evolution step in design strategies, acquired knowledge and feedback from customers worldwide.” Alfastreet products include Automated electronic Roulette, Alfastreet Royal Derby Mechanical Horse Riding and Alfastreet Slot Machine in various models and configurations.

The company expressed their excitement about the next exhibition in London, which will take place in February 2-4  at ExCel, where as they previewed “visitors will witness the premiere of the definite version of the Alfastreet slot machine, another spectacular version of the Royal Derby and a product, that will evoke nostalgic memories and provide a very clever solution to the casino experience.” Plus, the new products will incorporate all the characteristics, “that adorn Alfastreet ETG’s from the very beginning, such as flawless ergonomics, intuitive and reliable software, that is true to the genuine spirit of the game, and above all; superior quality and attention to details.”

“The red line between all the exhibits is the company insistence on top quality solutions both in design and features,” Alfastreet remarked.