“Alfastreet guarantees top quality performance”

(Exclusive interview).- Alfastreet Sales Director, Albert Radman, proves the company’s leading position in Latin American casino market.

As one of the biggest casino equipment developers throughout the world, Alfastreet does not have to confirm its leading presence in every regulated market. However, the gaming company is participating at Colombia’s FADJA 2017, from April 26-27, in order to reinforce its local partnerships and sign new opportunities in Latin America. Albert Radman, Sales Director at Alfastreet Gaming, revealed to Focus Gaming News their further plans to expand in the emergent region and to develop their business in the potential Brazilian market.

You have recently announced you’ll introduce a variety of new products. Which one do you think will make the biggest impact in FADJA 2017?

This year we’re relying on two products. Our Lucky8 Roulette and our Multi Touch Roulette. Both of these machines are beautiful in design, very advanced, innovative and new on the market. These machines hold many advantages when compared to competitive products, together with our constantly improving payment option, these products will surely make a great impact on the show. Combined with the Alfastreet name, that guarantees top quality and excellent performance, Lucky8 ndMulti Touch are the ones to follow to the future.

This year the show has moved to a smaller venue. What do you think that FADJA 2017 will offer to Alfastreet?

Regardless of the venue, FADJA always brings quality and quantity. For Colombia, FADJA is a must.

You highlighted the traction you gained in Colombia over the last years. What are your plans to keep your success in this country?

As mentioned, we’re ‘attacking’ the industry with new products which are perfect for this market, we improved our payment options, different forms of partnership, we’re increasing our manpower and we’re strategically making sure we assume a leading position on the market.

What’s your take on the South American gaming market?

South American market is still fast growing and is currently a biggest potential for all gaming machines manufacturers. The gaming regulation is not too rigid and the accessibility is favourable. All this makes it easy to come and do some business here. The downside is that for the same reasons, there’s many ‘third grade’ brands selling their ‘products’ for a low price, and that creates some challenges for a proper manufacturers. Yet, majority of the operators do understand that the difference in price is easily gone, when your ‘no name’ machine constantly breaks down and there’s no service from anywhere. Not to mention that the players in South America understand and prefer all the advantages of the proper gaming machine.

Have you met any difficulties to operate since you landed in South America? How did you overcome said hurdles?

Surprisingly, our experience in South America hasn’t been bad at all. We’re aware of the potential problems and obstacles one can meet when doing business here, yet for Alfastreet, I can say we had rather smooth run. Our biggest challenge was entering the Argentinian market and we successfully found a proper way, so we’re currently a leading Electronic Table Game manufacturer in Argentina.

South American market is still fast growing and is currently a biggest potential for all gaming machines manufacturers. The gaming regulation is not too rigid and the accessibility is favourable.

Do you have any plans to enter new markets in the region?

As everyone else, we are eyeing the developments in Brasil. Furthermore, we are getting ready to re-enter the Mexican market, as this is the only South American market where Alfastreet can’t claim to be in a leading position, in front of other Electronic Table Games manufacturers.

What’s the main challenge for Alfastreet in South America?

Our main challenge is to expand further, and defend our position on the market. As a leading brand, we have an opportunity to strengthen our foot print and increase our advantage, but this is also creating a challenge to our competitors, to look for a way to compete with Alfastreet. That’s why we always keep on edge and we try to stay two steps ahead. So far, so good.