“Alfastreet is in constant evolution”

“Alfastreet is in constant evolution”

(Exclusive interview).- Alfastreet shared with Focus Gaming News its expectations for G2E 2016.

The major gaming company worldwide is ready to conquer this year’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. During the event, from September 27th to 29th, Alfastreet will be networking with international customers, regulators and industry’s representatives. The expectations are huge for this year, especially for Alfastreet’s novelties. Albert Radman, Sales Director of the company, detailed the plans for next week event.

Why is G2E different from other events and how does it help to your business?

G2E is one of the major gaming exhibitions in the industry and any serious manufacturer needs to be present in order to show the latest advances in production, as well as meet and greet customers and friends. Alfastreet has been a regular exhibitor in all the major shows throughout its over 20 years existance and the results on the target markets are showing.

You’ve introduced a new roulette in G2E Asia that positioned you as the leader provider of major operators in Asia. Do you expect the same results for G2E Las Vegas?

We do indeed. The company has measured itself against all the major rivals, regularly outperforming any of them in terms of quality, inventiveness and reliability. The players worldwide consider Alfastreet products as a reference point and the casino operators are confirming the results with a constant orders flow. G2E Las Vegas is the most important gaming exhibition for the U.S. and surrounding markets, which are vital to the company’s plans for future expansion.

Alfastreet has measured itself against all the major rivals, regularly outperforming any of them in terms of quality, inventiveness and reliability.

Can you tell us a bit more about your new live/electronic roulette?

It is a future solution for the live/electronic Roulette cylinder, offering innovative features and a vast experience in production of casino equipment. The attractive exterior is combined with a dedicated lighting feature, providing many game related information in an intuitive way, without disrupting the flow of the game. It offers the possibility to function in fully live or automatic mode, or even a combination of both. Quick readings, easy operation are backed up by beauty, longevity and ultimate performance.

What will be the main differences between last year’s show and this year’s?

We don’t see substantial differences between editions in the last couple of years, all manufacturers will be showing off their latest products, comparing against each other, so it will be pretty much business as usual. We don’t expect to see any ground breaking novelties.

What was your biggest accomplishment in the last 12 months? How is G2E going to help you reach your next goal?

The acceptance of the latest products is for sure a major success, the recently introduced machines, such as the Royal Derby, Roulette evolutions and the I.Q. range are showing very good results on the gaming floors worldwide, as well as the new Remote Play solution which enables any location to significantly extend the reach for the players. The company does its business long term with constant evolution and thoroughly tested products, that are pleasing the players and the operators alike. The exhibitions are an integral part of the progress and a chance to measure oneself with all the competition.